The Colourhouse is a small, independent, handprint wallpaper
and textile company.

Driven by a passion for colour, pattern, texture and the qualities of hand print,
designers Marian Lynch and Jo Dawn launched at Tent London in 2011.

Marian’s professional background in interior design and painting and Jo’s in costume for TV and film, shapes the collection with eclectic references from twentieth century abstract painting to the English landscape.

Jo’s work includes the use of linocut and monoprint images, influenced by aspects of craft and folk art, giving a naïve and nostalgic quality to the prints

Marian’s guiding principle is elegant simplicity, combining graphic shape in flat colour with painterly and textured mark making. A fresh and playful colour palette coupled with rhythmic pattern, unifies a contemporary and decorative collection that meets the need for beauty in everyday life.

Concerned with environmental sustainability, The Colourhouse aims to minimise the impact of its design and making processes. Sourcing its base cloths and papers - which are produced and printed by hand in the uk - with careful consideration, the collection celebrates traditional skills in dye, print and making, adding value and integrity.

The Colourhouse’s Number One Collection, is a celebration of visual and tactile textiles, wallpapers and products, that marries tradition and function with modernity.

Copyright 2011 The Colourhouse